Looking for healthy treat? Pamela Wasabi has you covered!

I am always looking for a sweet treat, and @pamelawasabi #motherbean brownie has been my favorite for a while now. What I like the most is that all ingredients are plant-based, it makes it a guilt free treat to share with my kiddo. Luckily, I now can find it at Juicense 😁 who have a divine chilled homemade almond milk to pair it with!!!

It’s made from sprouted black beans purée (which increases its nutritional value) and star anis (healing spice) . It also contains chia and cacao powder as its superfoods.

And yes, it has sugar, but it is organic raw cane sugar! – which means that has been less processed compared to  other wholesome sweeteners; and has grown organically with no pesticides.

Visit www.pamelawasabi.com to order (or find list of retail locations) her exquisite #motherbean brownie or other fabs like #divinechocolate or #lavanderheaven cookies


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