5 minute meals

Lately, I have been living in the rush most of the time.  One thing I miss the most is having time to prep healthy meals to nourish my body!
Luckily, I have been inspired from different people to create some healthy and nourishing 5 minute meals!Avocado Toast
– inspired by Zak the Baker –
toast a slice of whole wheat bread, add smashed avocado + lime drops + red pepper + black pepper + heirloom tomato and voila!


Marley Smoothie
– inspired by Under the Mango Tree –
blend frozen banana + maple syrup/pitted dates + bunch of spinach + bunch of kale + unsweetened almond milk +peanut butter + superfoods (camu camu, lucuma, spirulina, maca, hemp)


Raw Banana Oatmeal
– inspired by Rawvana –
blend a banana + an apple + couple of pitted dates; add some almond milk and top with goji berries, almonds and raisins!

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